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Andrew Fitzpatrick studied Drawing & Painting at Glasgow School of Art, graduating with a B.A. (Hons) Fine Art in 1988. 

"Andrew Fitzpatrick is an artist whose enjoyment in handling pigment and low key colour has something in common with the Glasgow boys. But Fitzpatrick is more engaged with compositional complexities and using black as a colour, especially for clothes. He also introduces symbolism and narrative, some almost victorian in sentiment, others mysterious or even sinister. While his inventions with composition, and silhouettes are admirable, he is best when mystery takes him to the edge of surrealism."

Edward Gage, The Scotsman newspaper, 1990

"Fitzpatrick's figures do not communicate. They are islands continuously grouped together but not relating. This creates a tension laden with psychological content which both soothes and intrigues. He has clearly imbibed the vividness of travel. His use of colour is dramatic, expressive sometimes jarring. It is coupled with a searchingly experimental technique."

Virginia Fraser, Vogue magazine, 1990.

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